About Us

Who Are WE

Malaysia is a nation that has so much to give but fall short of a few miles. National breakthroughs seem to be nothing but a dream when the present state of affairs is always treated in a hopeless sigh as in Malaysia has reached its national limits. Such an environment do not contain itself in one generation as it spreads like a parasite insofar that the youth are subscribing to such sentiments. Notions of youthful vigour and courageous ventures are relegated to the periphery while self-defeating narratives and kowtow mindset polluted their minds.

But there comes a time where we stand up and declare it assertively: No, such dynamic must stop. As young minds with so much to give for this nation, new courageous solutions must be burdened by us to push this nation to greater power than it ever will be.

Hence, to think macro is because we seek a bird-eye view on our nation; to bear the courage to define is because we want to conceive a new path for a powerful Malaysia to be born nationally and thrive to new heights internationally. Such necessity becomes the sole motivation for CILD's efforts in attracting brave minds in conceiving a new path for our nation.

The courage to mastermind new ideas for a powerful Malaysia, making yesterday a distant memory, today a beautiful history, and a stronger Malaysia tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Always possessing the courage to define and create, and becoming the driver of new phenomena. CILD always reminds itself to be internally coherent that produces writings, research, content and conferences that reflect CILD’s ideals and values.

So to those reading this, welcome to CILD. In here we offer you brave ideas that sow the seed of greater things awaiting for its subsequent blossoming. And for those involved, you will have made a promise to us that courageous thinking to attain national breakthrough becomes a huge part of you, and you will embrace it fully.

Think Macro everyone, and bear the courage to define.